About Us



“We BELIEVE in our homestead life....and on our journey, we have found a passion in educating the world on how to live a homestead life no matter where you call home.”

We created this shop to invite the world to assist us in this educational journey. We are hopeful that by wearing our messages and having our products in your home that you will continue to be inspired to help us spread the good word to your community and focus on the core aspects of homesteading in your daily life:

    1. Sustainability – meet the needs of the now without sacrificing the future
    2. Keep it Local - use local resources
    3. Recycle - repurpose and reuse as much as possible
    4. Harmony in Nature - self-reliance outdoors and gratitude for nature's bounty 
We donate 5% of our profits to charities dedicated to sustainability education and youth outdoor programs.